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Marianne Marston

MarvJoeMarianneMarianne ‘Golden Girl’ Marston, the protégé of late great Heavyweight Champion of the World  Smokin’ Joe Frazier, is proving to be one of the most explosive, exciting female boxers in the World today.

In April 2013 Marianne made her long awaited professional debut, against Hungarian #1 ranked Gabriella Roman.

The following is an extract from the fight report published on EastsideBoxing.Com

“Soaking up every moment of the occasion Marston finally entered the ring and once again acknowledged the highly vocal and appreciative crowd until the final chord of the emotive ring walk track.

Once referee Ken Curtis had completed his pre fight rule talk it was time for action.

Marston lithely prowled her way across the ring to meet her opponent head on with a massive right hand jab, closely followed with a big left, Roman was clearly stunned by the massive early assault, but still managed to cover up just as a second double handed barrage was thrown, closely followed up with a big left to the head sending the Hungarian girl to the canvas.

Roman recovered sufficiently to box defensively against the ever forward moving Marston, however after about twenty seconds or so Marston corralled the Hungarian in her own corner, with nowhere to go Roman covered up in preparation for yet another double handed assault.

As the seemingly never ending barrage rained down Roman succumbed to the inevitable and went down for a second time.

With barely enough time to catch her breath Roman once again was forced to cover up, as Marston continued to throw massive double handed barrages.

The onslaught proved too much for Roman, who had let her hands drop enough for Marston to land a big right to the head, followed by an equally vicious left to send her reeling against the corner post.

Marston could smell blood and pounced in for the kill, first landing a massive overhand right closely followed by another wicked left hook, which shook Roman to the core.

Then, on the one minute forty seven second mark, just as Marston was about to throw yet another big left to the head of the clearly disoriented Hungarian, referee Ken Curtis jumped in to save the now virtually defenseless Roman from further punishment.

As soon as she realized it was over and she had won, an ecstatic Marston turned towards the legion of fans to her left and made an emotional statement, dedicating her victory to the memory of her mentor Smokin’ Joe Frazier.”

Within a day of the fight reports being published around the world, Howard Goldberg the South Africa based President of the World Boxing Federation, contacted Marianne’s manager offering to fast track her for a shot at the WBF International title early in 2014.

It would not be until October before Marianne was to see action for a second time, due to the event she was due to fight on in July being cancelled.

On the 4th October 2013 Marianne faced late replacement Katalena Lazar, on the Dave Murphy Acourtier Events ‘Night of Champions’ event. The following is an extract from the fight report on

“The first of the all female bouts featured local favourite, Marianne ‘Golden Girl’ Marston, against a very late replacement in Romania’s Catalina Lazar.

It had been a stressful week in Marston’s camp, following the announcement the previous Friday, that original opponent Masa Bacanov had broken her hand in sparring.

On Sunday Melinda Zsiga was announced as the replacement opponent, then on Monday Zsiga pulled out, various attempts were made to secure a new opponent and then on Wednesday Marina Kohlgruber’s management were contacted but by Thursday morning terms still hadn’t been agreed.

With time running out Marianne’s management were left with a choice of a five time World Champion or the highly experienced Daniela David.

Naturally as it was only Marston’s second pro fight it was decided to go with David, however by 6pm there was no sign of a signed contract, David’s manager Christian Velea calling to say there was a problem and Daniela would not be able to make it after all, but then added he may have a replacement, the aforementioned Catalina Lazar, however it would be another six hours before terms were finalized and flights booked.

So back to fight night, Marston came out strong, as she did in her first fight, letting rip with solid right hand jabs, Lazar countering well initially, the pair kept up the exchanges for about twenty five seconds, when Marston dropped a peach of a hook to the body, which forced the Romanian to take to one knee.

Lazar bravely managed to make it to her feet before referee Ken Curtis finished the count.

Marston went straight back on the attack with good solid jabs, as Lazar covered up, then Marston shoots out a solid right jab followed by left cross to the stomach, which was enough to send Lazar to the deck once more, this time the gutsy Romanian couldn’t beat the count.

The first round knockout was timed at just sixty seven seconds, Marston’s record now stood at two fights, two wins, both by first round stoppage.”

The spectacular nature of both her early wins, by first round knockouts, bought Marianne to the attention of various Championship organisations, besides the World Boxing Federation, the World Boxing Union and the MBC International both approached Marianne’s management with offers of Championship bouts.

These Championship organisations’ desire to have Marianne challenging for their titles would come as no surprise to many in the boxing world, as some of the sport’s biggest names, both in the UK and America, have publicly declared what an exceptional and exciting talent she is, as well as a future World Champion.

Being privy to inside knowledge, that the World Boxing Union were about to announce the WBU Europe Championship, Marianne’s management decided that her challenging for the inaugural WBU Europe female title held far more cache than her challenging for the WBF or IBO International versions, plus she could fight for the WBU Europe title in front of a home crowd at York Hall.

Terms were agreed for Marianne to face Bulgaria’s #1, World #26 ranked, Galina Gumliiska, a highly experienced Championship boxer – having fought for the European title twice, International title five times and also challenged for a World title previously – for the vacant WBU Europe Super Bantamweight title at York Hall on Saturday 30th November.

However, the event was forced to be rescheduled just ten days prior, following a spate of injuries and illness decimating the impressive card.

A new date was set, Saturday 1st March 2014, however two major problems occurred, the first just ten days before the event Marianne sustained an injury to her piriformis muscle during sparring with former British and European Bantamweight Champion Ian ‘Dappa’ Napa. Marianne wound down the training sessions slightly in order to give the piriformis a chance to heal.

The second was far more serious, just one week before the fight Galina Gumliiska failed to get medical clearance to fight, leaving Marianne’s team once more searching for a suitable opponent, unfortunately one couldn’t be found at Super Bantamweight, so the decision was made to challenge Hana Horakova for the vacant WBU European Featherweight title.

Marianne got off to a good solid start, easily securing the first three rounds with quality jabs and stinging body shots, the fourth was a tad closer.

Late in the fourth Marianne bore a pained expression and her movement became increasingly erratic, noticing that her opponent had a problem Horakova shifted up a gear and started pressuring the Londoner for a couple of rounds.

Marianne put on a brave face and came right back, doing just enough quality work to secure the seventh round, even though the injury seemed to escalate Marianne more than held her own.

Going into the final round it was certainly close, Horakova shifted up another gear, throwing big rights at every opportunity, with just seconds to go the Czech girl landed a peach of a shot, rocking Marianne, Horakova then threw everything she had at the off balance Londoner, but somehow Marianne managed to stay on her feet until the final bell.

The fight was a cracker, a real close fought match, so no one was that surprised when it was announced that there was a split decision result, that came later as it was Horakova that had two judges score the bout in her favour and Marianne just the one.

In a post fight interview with Sky Sports, Marianne expressed her disappointment, that the injury, which had first surfaced during the final sparring session with Ian Napa just ten days earlier, had reemerged.

Marianne missed three proposed fights, 31st May, 5th July and 2nd August, due to the injury, then in mid-August it was announced that Marianne was to challenge for the MBC International Super Bantamweight title.

On Saturday 25th October 2014, the journey to being crowned WORLD CHAMPION continues, as Marianne beat Hungarian #1, European #3 and World #31 ranked Marianna Gulyas for the MBC International Super Bantamweight Title, one that has put her in prime position to challenge for the World title in 2015.

Here’s an excerpt from one of two features published on The Fight Network about this magnificent victory:

MarstonGulyas6261“Woolwich, London’s Marianne ‘Golden Girl’ Marston utterly dominated proceedings, when she fought Hungarian #1, European #3 and World #31 ranked Marianna Gulyas to secure the vacant MBC International Super Bantamweight title, at York in London, England on Saturday night.

From start to finish it was the slick British southpaw that took the fight to her much more experienced opponent, aggressively going forward, utilizing her sharp jabs and stinging lefts to great effect, Marston appeared to be able to pick off her opponent at will, leaving Gulyas to defend on the retreat.

Gulyas visited the canvas seven times throughout the fight, however only twice did referee, Germany’s Alf Sprung, deem the visits to be knock downs, the others he waved off as slips or pushes.

There was a rather scary incident in the eighth. Marston was throwing big lefts as she backed Gulyas onto the ropes, one of these sent the Hungarian of balance, forcing her to grab the forward marching Marston, in doing so Gulyas went backwards through the ropes as well as pulling the Londoner face down, out of the ring and onto the officials table.

Luckily neither protagonist received any injuries from the incident and both were able to continue to see the fight out to the end.

MarstonGulyas6271After ten rounds of excellent boxing from Marston the highly vociferous crowd at the famous home of boxing in the Capital city were clearly overjoyed when the judges scorecards were read out, as was Marston and her team.

Judges Ben Doughty (UK) and Matt Hamilton (South Africa) scored the bout 100-89 and judge Lee Murtagh (UK) scorecard read 99-88 all in favour of Marianne Marston.”

In the build up to this most important of fights Marianne was the subject of a documentary by Manray Media, which will be broadcast on Channel Five in 2015

We also linked Marianne up with Chris Taylor Brown from Trapt, to create a special edition video of their awesome ‘Bring It’ lead track from their latest album – Reborn.