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Max Millz

Max Millz  Artist,song writer, producer, engineer and founder Of Rebel Nature Entertainment, born in north west London raised internationally in London, New York, Texas & Jamaica, now based between Toronto & London UK.

Max draws his influences in music from a wide spectrum and respects all genres of music. Max has been involved in the music game for a number of years experiencing the highs and lows of the buisness,which has lead him on the path to owning and operating his own studio and record label Rebel Nature and re-emerging as a solo artist in 2012. The revolution starts now !!

Max Millz ! Rebel Natureeee !!!

The Back Story…

MAX MILLZ born in North West London, of Jamaican parentage, raised between Jamaica, New York, Texas, & London, Mr. International! The third of six children, the black sheep of the family… at the tender age of fifteen max decided to stop globe trotting and leave it to his Mom and younger siblings and settled down in Harlesden, North West London with his older brother and sister, what no mamma? That’s like a free pass to the streets!!

Max learned to hustle watching the game for years before he put the “hustle” in practice. With no Mom or Pops around Max had to work for a living which proved to be going no where, Max decided to join his Mom in Texas, that’s where he fell in love with hip hop.

Returning to London after one year, it was back to square one with no job. Choosing a legitimate hustle Max and his friends put together a sound system, which quickly turned into a hip hop group, “The London Rhyme Syndicate” with a successful single and EP in the UK, Max and the group went on to feature on D- Mob’s national top ten hit “It’s Time To Get Funky”.

Soon after the group disbanded and Max went solo, he featured on Power Cut’s national top forty hit “Girls” Experiencing the highs and lows of the music business, the snakes, contracts with no monetary benefits, Max decided to put the music business on the back burner and concentrate on getting money, hustling… Fast forward to 2006 after over a decade in the streets hustling, out of the music biz. Max is back!! As a hip hop artist and C.E.O. of his own independent record label, Rebel Nature Records,

Switching the hustle back to the music biz, with his first release for R.N.R. “Stacking’ Chips” featuring Lady Champagne, this heavy hitting, hip hop club banger, accompanied by Max’s smooth rhythmic vocals in double time, is all about the street hustle, money, women, cars, narcotics, e.t.c., is an absolute smash!! With Max’s unique sound and this well put together audio single and glossy video, Max should have no problem launching himself as a credible hip hop artist and record label into the forefront of the U.K. hip hop scene, with no limitations the world.