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Limitless are a four piece Music Group from the east side of London. The Group originally started off with Luke, Ben and Eren but was later joined by Warren and Rhys. The main members of Limitless now are Eren, Luke, Rhys and Warren as they have their own record label, “Limitless Records 24/7” but there are other members such as Ben and Jaime who are the promoting side of Limitless and have featured on many songs.


The group originally started in a youth club based in Newham which was designed to capture hidden talent. As the group originally started with two people (Eren and Luke) they needed more people so they could have their own sound and become unique, so then came Rhys and Warren. Warren joined the group from being at the youth club at the same time as the others and the group then met Rhys through Jaime as they all used to play football together Once they got talking Rhys described music as a main passion in his life.


Once they started recording their own music, they were helped by Snipes. Snipes was the man who let them record all day in the studio and helped promote them. Limitless said he is the main reason why they are where they are today as he also helped them film their videos and get them known.


Limitless have released five mixtapes since starting up in 2010, two of the best are ‘the next chapter’ and ‘limitless EP’ They are hoping to get on the radio and become a major group- yet they also want to be different from other groups and have their own style.


Their inspirations are mainstream US/UK artists such as Drake, Jay Z, Wretch 32 and Tinie Tempah